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Cars Saving Pets: Donating Cars for Pets

In our daily life, we encounter animals in a variety of forms. Some animals are taken as pets while some others are not so lucky and end up as strays. Both the pets and the strays are subjected to various forms of abuses daily. Some do not get proper food, some get beaten up. In some cases, some animals are used as test subjects for various commercial products. We have come up with an initiative to help animals with food, shelter, care and medication. The only thing you have to do is donate a car in our cars saving pets program.

Cars Saving PetsMany animals are living a helpless life because of the cruelty of humans. We will sell the car and use the money for the betterment of animals in various levels of distress. This procedure is very easy and 100% tax deductible. We aim to bring a stop to these inhuman activities regarding pets. Unfortunately, declaring war on something like this means creating an organized system, which requires money. A lot of people have cars which are sitting in a garage, gathering dust. We would like to have these cars as donation, which will fund our little project to protect the little fellows.

The money our cars saving pets program made from the car donated by you will be used to build animal shelters, which will have vets to care for them. Food and medication will be bought with the money that we collect from the car sale. We also have plans to take necessary steps to stop animal cruelty in the name of research. We believe the money we get from your car will be enough to pay for the lawyers in legal battles aimed to save animals. We have come up with an initiative to help animals with food, shelter, care and medication. The only thing you have to do is donate a car in our cars saving pets program.

A car that is of no use to you may have the power to help us fight and win battles to save animals. Please donate your car and take part in help us speak for those, who cannot speak for themselves. By donating a car in our cars saving pets program you can also contribute for helping these animals. Your small donation can help many little fellows from being tortured and getting the attention and care that they need.

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Donation of Cars to Help Veterans

If you are a good citizen, you know how important was the role of our war veterans who fought for the sovereignty of the country. They are the heroes of the nation. They have sacrificed a lot for the well-being of the country. So it is our duty to help them. Donating in cars helping veterans programs can be a good way to help these people.

How can donating cars help these veterans? This is a common question that we have to answer most of the days. Many people have spare cars in their house which they don’t use at all. These cars just lie down in their backyards or garages. Our program collects these spare and unused cars from their owners as a donation and sells them to raise the highest possible fund for the welfare of the war veterans. Our goal is to collect enough cars helping veterans so that these people can lead a peaceful life.Donate a Car

You may not know that about 200000 US war veterans lead a homeless life and have to sleep under the sky everyday. As a nation, this is not what we want to see and experience. These heroes have sacrificed their precious times of lives and even have been injured to save our country from the threats. Our small donation can save their lives and help them to live a normal life. With the funds arising from the car sale, we provide support to these war veterans through many organizations working all over the country. They provide these people help and support to lead a good life.

Donating cars helping veterans is an easy process. All you have to do is to fill our online form for donating your car and we will contact you to know the time and place from where we have to collect it. Our towing companies will go to your doorstep and collect the car and give you a receipt of car donation. Our car donation program is 100% tax deductible and the towing is also free of charge.